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Security - ID Theft

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing types of financial fraud. Take these steps to protect yourself:

  • Never give out personal information such as your checking account number, credit card numbers or your social security number to anyone via a social media platform, an unsolicited email or over the phone, unless you initiated the call.
  • Avoid easy to figure out access and personal ID (PIN) codes. Guard your passwords and do not share them with anyone. Cover your hand when you are entering your PIN at an ATM.
  • Protect your account information. Do not write your personal identification number (PIN) on your ATM or debit card. Do not write your social security number or credit card number on a check.
  • Do not carry confidential information in your wallet, including bank account numbers, PIN or your social security card.
  • Some web browsers will ask if you want to store your password. Do not store your Internet Banking passwords.
  • Once you have completed your Internet Banking session, always log out of our Internet Banking site by clicking on the "Logout" link.
  • Install an anti-virus program on your computer and keep the virus definition files up to date.
  • Review your bank statement in a timely manner. Report any suspicious transactions immediately.
  • Shred financial solicitations, ATM and credit card receipts or financial statements before disposing of them.
  • Report lost or stolen checks or ATM cards immediately. Review new deliveries of checks to make sure none have been stolen in transit.
  • Do not put your bills in your mailbox with the red flag up. Use a locked Postal Service collection box or the post office.
  • If your credit card or other bills fail to reach you, call the company to find out why. Someone may have filed a false change of address notice to divert your mail to his or her address.
  • Review your credit card bills for unauthorized charges
  • You are entitled to one free credit report yearly from each of the three credit reporting agencies.

Free Annual Credit Report

  • Learn about new ways to eliminate the use of paper checks...especially electronic payment options available through First Shore Federal.

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