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Security - Phishing

Please Do Not Respond to the Following Scams


SMiShing Attacks (also known as text phishing)

SMiShing is a type of social engineering that uses cell phone text messages to persuade victims to provide personal information such as their debit card number and personal identification number (PIN).  The text message may contain either a website address or more commonly, a phone number that connects to an automated voice response system, which then asks for personal information.

First Shore Federal will never send text messages requesting personal information and we will never ask for your personal identification number (PIN) to confirm your identity.

Fraudulent E-Mails in your Inbox

"Phishing" is a form of fraud designed to steal your personal and financial information.  Individuals may receive phishing attempts by e-mail, telephone, text messages or websites.  Messages typically appear to be from a company you currently do business with.

Fraudsters generally ask for personal information such as user identification, account numbers, user security questions/answers and personal identification numbers (PIN).

Five Steps to Help Avoid Phishing Scams

  • Never respond to requests for personal information via e-mail. If in doubt, call the institution that claims to have sent you the e-mail.
  • Visit Web sites by typing the URL into your address bar. Do not follow links within an e-mail.
  • Check to make sure the Web site is using encryption. When using Internet Explorer, the yellow lock icon appears in the status bar at the bottom of your screen. Web sites using encryption show this lock closed.
  • Routinely review your credit card and bank statements.
  • Report suspected abuses of your personal information to the proper authorities. Notify the company as soon as you suspect a scam. Provide details such as the e-mails you received to the FBI via the Internet Crime Complaint Center.


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